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MycoRising's mushroom grow kit is a starting point for your journey as an empowered cultivator.

Let this kit be your blueprint for a future of fungal abundance, keeping costs low and supply simple. With the potential for each kit to produceĀ up to two ounces of dried mushrooms there is no need to look beyond this dead simple and inexpensive method for growing your own mushrooms right at home.

[Refer To Class Materials For Instruction]

Each Kit Contains

Comes With Enough
Material For Two Grows.

This kit is made for students of the Ready?Set.Grow! class who would like to save time by purchasing almost everything they need at once.

-Please refer to course materials for instruction-

About The Materials

(6) Pre-Cooked Sterile Brown Rice Bags

This humble piece of technology is what makes this method so accessible. Each bag contains one cup of sterilized pre-cooked brown rice, a perfect substrate to start growing from spore or liquid culture. With each tub requiring 2 bags, you have enough for three tubs or a couple backups in case anything goes wrong.

310+ grams of Coconut Coir

This byproduct of the coconut industry makes for a great bulk substrate due to its fluffy structure, high water holding capacity and it's natural resistance to contamination. 

2 tablespoons gypsum

This amendment is added for two reasons. 1.) to buffer the PH of the "substrate" aka food source, reducing acidity and the risk of contaminants that thrive in more acidic environments. & 2.) To add calcium to the diet of the mycelium, enhancing the potency of the fungal produce. 

2- 6-quart plastic bins with lids

These bins(tubs) are often referred to 6qt shoebox containers. They will serve as the home for the mushrooms in their second phase of growth. They make for an indefinitely reusable, simple and elegant solution for beginner cultivators that are exactly as effective as they need to be. 

 2oz 70% Isopropyl Alcohol In A Spray Bottle

Also known as rubbing alcohol, 70% ISO is a growers best friend for cutting down on potential contaminants. This should be enough for your first project but having some backup is always a good idea.

2 pairs of surgical gloves

Staying clean is crucial and covering our hands is an easy way to remove potential contaminants from your path to success. Each pair of gloves should last for several uses.

18- stick-on air filters

While micropore paper tape is a common choice for making air vents while protecting sterile substrate, these peel and stick air filters make the process even easier.

2- silica gel desiccant packs (re-usable)

Once your harvest is complete and your mushrooms are dried, these Silica desiccant pouches will keep your mushrooms “cracker” dry for the long haul. They work by being even more absorbent than mushrooms, ensuring that any lingering humidity gets sucked up by the silica and not your mushroom. And they can be dehydrated and used again and again.



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