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Interest in the benefits of mushrooms has exploded. And it turns out growing psilocybin at home may be easier than you may think.

Welcome to Psilocybin is an incredibly useful introductory mushroom resource.  This easy-to-use guide to the world of psilocybin covers a wide range of topics: Dosage, sourcing spores, psychedelic safety, and all the tools and instructions needed to successfully grow potent magic mushrooms at home.  

Readers will see exactly how to cultivate magic mushrooms and integrate them into their lives. With a little experience, anyone can scale up with ease.

This easy-to-use text is a thorough guide to the world of psilocybin. From sourcing spores to psychedelic safety, Welcome to Psilocybin is an incredibly useful introductory mushroom resource: 

  • Learn an easy cultivation system that uses materials and tools that can be found at grocery and hardware stores,

  • Explore the psychedelic experience and the different dosage guidelines including a microdosing crash course.

  • Find out about proper drying and storage resulting in high-quality ad consistency.

  • Discover the important modern history of plant medicine reform.

This definitive text takes you on a 360-degree journey through the psychedelic experience. Welcome to Psilocybin is a fascinating and informative handbook that equips readers with practical cultivation methods and cultural knowledge to guide their integrative practice. Welcome to Psilocybin is a go-to text for the entire mushroom community.


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"Welcome to Psilocybin will be a good handbook to have on hand, especially for those who are new to mushroom cultivation or just beginning to explore the wondrous world of psilocybin."

-Dennis Mckenna

What a journey!

In the blossoming realm of psychedelics I have spent the last year crafting a guide tailored for those just beginning to acquaint themselves with ancient and profound fungi. My book serves as a gentle initiation into the worlds of both micro and macro dosing, as well as a primer on cultivation. My intent is to offer a balanced, unbiased gateway, aiding newcomers in navigating the intricacies and potential hurdles they might face when reaching out to embrace the psilocybin mushroom for the first time. Welcome to the threshold of understanding, and may this guide be your trusted companion on this enlightening journey. 

To get here took a lot of effort and dedication, in addition to my personal use of psilocybin over the past 15 years I have had incredible opportunities to brush shoulders with some of the fields top experts, experienced old heads and thousands of people beginning and deepening their personal journeys. I have had the honor to help lead the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, produce ‚ÄúThe Microdosing Movement‚ÄĚ with Jim Fadiman and The Microdosing Institute attended by 1000+ online participants. Co-produced ‚ÄúA Tribute To Terence‚ÄĚ which saw more than 10K online attendees at the beginning of the pandemic, and have brought my intro to mushroom cultivation class ‚ÄúReady?Set.Grow!‚ÄĚ to thousands of people both on and off the screen.

Now I am deeply enjoying the newest chapter of this trip as the co-founder of Hikerodose, an offshoot of MycoRising designed to build community amidst the most fun, accessible, and hopefully healing model possible by providing a free event to experience microdosing in a community setting that embraces the medicine of the forest, friends, and movement just as much as it embraces the big benefits of small doses of psilocybin. 

Central to all these milestones is a commitment to recognizing that the future is a collective endeavor, I have dedicated my efforts to strengthening the broader fabric of community empowerment, focusing on education and the invaluable act of holding space. This fabric represents the diverse strands of our culture, with its challenges and joys, while always striving for a brighter, more harmonious future.

Today I present ‚ÄúWelcome To Psilocybin‚ÄĚ as the next step on this path of cultural cross-pollination and hope to invite even more hands into the task of weaving a more accessible, informed, and effective future for the access to and relationship with the awe inspiring psilocybin fungi of the world.¬†

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