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Everything You Need To Begin Or Deepen Your Journey With Psilocybin Containing Mushrooms


A practical introduction to home-scale psychedelic mushroom cultivation. This class takes a quick jaunt through cultural, legal and biological lenses in addition to one very effective method to begin growing.

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Mushroom Q+A

Growing mushrooms can leave you with a lot to talk about. Join a community of cultivators twice a month to ask, listen and learn more about the ever evolving practice of mushroom cultivation.

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Kit's Now Available

If you have taken a class with MycoRising before or already know what you are doing, this kit can provide the perfect blueprint to begin or continue your journey into cultivation.

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Let's Grow!

Hey there! My name is Seth and I have been teaching people to grow their own psychedelic mushrooms since 2019 when I was able to help decriminalize psilocybin in Oakland, CA. I am so excited to help build a community of empowered cultivators generating heart-felt access through close connection and relationship.