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Learn The Basics & Be Successful

Start your journey into mushroom cultivation with this class designed to help you succeed in growing on your very first try with simple off the shelf ingredients. The method taught can cost less than $50 for all the required materials and take up only one square foot of space for the majority of the process and cost even less on subsequent runs.

With that being said the real magic of this process is in the relationship you develop with these incredible fungi throughout their lifecycle. Much like a homegrown tomato, there is something gained in the process of growing your own, a relationship.


Full Course Syllabus

Meeting The Mushroom:

-Meet The Mushroom we are working with.

-Learn about decriminalization.

-Keep it clean with this easy guide.

-Get your materials together.

-Review the cleaning checklist and shopping list.


I - Spores & Grains:

 -Order spores from a trusted vendor.

-Start with spores & grow mycelium.


II - Expanding Mycelium:

-Prepare your bulk substrate.

-Expand your mycelium & maintain it until harvest.


III - Fruiting & Preservation:

-Harvest & Preserve your produce for years to come.

-Make a spore print for future projects.


IV- Easy Remedies:

-What If Only A Couple Of Mushrooms Grow?

-What If I Don't Have A Clean Space To Work?

-What If I See Mold or Other Contamination?

-Why Is My Mycelium Growing So Slow?


Class Perks

Be Supported:

-24/7 Community Support 

-Join 2 monthly zoom calls for support and sharing


Class Materials Include:

Full PDF of Class Presentation

Series of Instructional Videos Shown In The Class

Shopping List PDF With Links Included


Ongoing Class Support:

Mushroom Q+A - A zoom meeting that meets twice monthly through the Psychedelic Society SF to answer all of your cultivation questions.

Blue Thumb Club - An online community of fellow students and cultivators available 24/7 through and app called “Discord”

Scholarship & Work Trade Available
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Not Everyone Can Be Accepted For Scholarship At This Time.

For Other Questions And Concerns
Please Contact: [email protected]

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I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class, and it was great! Really fun! The class depicts an interesting method that seems really easy. Seth is super sweet, patient and chill and seems genuinely interested in growing the community. All around I had a great time 🙏


I loved it!! So much great information, both technical and personal tips, dos & don'ts from Set he knows his mushroom stuff. I was skeptical of home cultivation as I was convinced it has to be a complicated endeavor and one I could not do. By the end of the class Seth had convinced me I could do this with a bit of prep, prayer and participation with the class materials and access to great mushroom people. I am on my way to an exciting deeply awesome experience. 🍄


This highly accessible and well-thought-out class is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about cultivation in a fun, friendly environment. Seth is a great instructor whose deep respect for our fungal cousins is evident. To be able to walk away with both the knowledge and the materials I needed to begin my own growing journey was the icing on the cake. Take! This! Class! You won't be sorry.

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