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Start your journey into mushroom cultivation with this class designed to help you succeed in growing on your very first try with simple off the shelf ingredients. The method taught can cost less than $50 for all the required materials and take up only one square foot of space for the majority of the process and cost even less on subsequent runs.

With that being said the real magic of this process is in the relationship you develop with these incredible fungi throughout their lifecycle. Much like a homegrown tomato, there is something gained in the process of growing your own, a relationship.


Main Class Sections:

Meeting The Mushroom - an introduction to Psilocybe Cubensis

Legality Discussion - understanding the landscape of decriminalization

Shopping List - a look at all the materials needed for the project

Cultivation Method - a step by step walkthrough of the cultivation method


Class Materials Include:

Full PDF of Class Presentation

Series of Instructional Videos Shown In The Class

Shopping List PDF With Links Included


Ongoing Class Support:

Mushroom Q+A - A zoom meeting that meets twice monthly through the Psychedelic Society SF to answer all of your cultivation questions.

Blue Thumb Club - An online community of fellow students and cultivators available 24/7 through and app called “Discord”

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Upcoming Classes In Person & Online

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