Mushroom Preparation Circle (November 30th)

[ Hosted By Mark Haberstaugh ]

The Last Wednesday of Every Month, 6PM PST

Experienced facilitator and Guide Mark Haberstrough knows that integration is important, but how can people set themselves up for the best experience possible? If you have never tried mushrooms, simply have questions, or want to intentionally prepare for your next experience, join this conversation with like minded peers to deepen into your preparation and make the most of your first or next experience with the sacred mushroom. 

In case you didn't know there is a lot that can be done to improve the benefits of a psychedelic journey. This group is dedicated to the habits, actions, and out of the ordinary tips that can take your journey to a higher level. This is a discussion about future experiences, and not explicitly about integration. While you may reference past experiences to gather what has helped and what has not, this conversation is all about the preparation. Also, while the activity of mushroom cultivation is very helpful as an act of preparation, this is not a group for discussing mushroom cultivation specifically. 

Basic Guidelines

-This group does not advocate for the use of psilocybin, but does advocate for the safer use of all substances when being used.

-Do not discuss selling or buying illegal substances or services around them. 

-Respect the space and individuals within it. 

-Yield to the group facilitator.



I understand that the content of this group is personal experience and not professional advice. 

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