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Experience the unique blend of hiking and insightful discussions in beautiful SF Bay Area parks. Hikerodose offers hikes and microdoses as a refreshing way to connect with nature and like-minded individuals, discussing everything from psychedelic exploration to mental wellness, while enjoying an engaging hike.

 Thursday Mornings at 9AM and Saturday / Sundays at 10 AM

Where? Various scenic parks in the SF Bay Area

Why? For holistic wellness, connection, and insightful conversations

Ready to Join? Simply review the materials below and fill out our sign-up form. Get exclusive access to our Hikerodose Oakland events and become part of a unique community that embraces nature, health, and open conversations. Events are shared through our weekly newsletter, "The Weekly Spore".

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Learn More About Hikerodose Oakland

Participant Information Pamphlet 

Reading this pamphlet will give you a better perspective on the Hikerodose, some basic risk reduction strategies, participant expectations, ethics, and psilocybin drug facts. Please read this before coming to your first Hikerodose. 

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Learn More About Microdosing

An Essential Introduction To Microdosing

Get a quick overview of the benefits and potential risks of microdosing, general dose sizes and expectations, as well as various microdosing protocols. 

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