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What Is A Hikerodose?

A hikerodose is a hike+microdose.

​​In 2019 Mushrooms were decriminalized in Oakland. 

Any sharing of mushrooms among participants must be done as a gift.

This Event Is Free.

Join a group of fungally focused, friendly and curious peers in nature for a morning hike (2-4 miles). We hope to build some new connections, get some exercise and maybe share a few laughs. Expect it to be a good place to chat about psychedelics, nature, personal journeys, mental health, and whatever else might arise.

The events will take place at various parks in the Oakland Hills once a week, alternating between Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:30 and Saturday mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:30 unless otherwise noted. Please arrive slightly before the start time so the group can begin promptly.

Please Review the materials at the bottom of this page before filling out the form. Upon submitting the form you will gain access to the Hikerodose Oakland events page.

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As events like Hikerodose push certain societal boundaries we ask that you do your part to show up in a responsible way. Please read the PDF's below to get a full picture of what Hikerodose Oakland is all about.  

Learn More About Hikerodose Oakland

Participant Information Pamphlet 

Reading this pamphlet will give you a better perspective on the Hikerodose, some basic risk reduction strategies, participant expectations, ethics, and psilocybin drug facts. Please read this before coming to your first Hikerodose. 

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Learn More About Microdosing

An Essential Introduction To Microdosing

Get a quick overview of the benefits and potential risks of microdosing, general dose sizes and expectations, as well as various microdosing protocols. 

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